Three explorations into unknown territory
Director : Paul Van Nevel

The Huelgas Ensemble organizes three weekends in which unknown repertoire is rehearsed under the direction of Paul Van Nevel. The target group is professional, semi-professional and amateur singers, who have some experience of singing polyphony and who can read well. The main objective is to study a polyphonic composition, an exciting exploration into previously unknown territory!

Exploration I:
Mabrianus de Orto (Tournai ca.1460 - Nivelles 1529): Missa “La belle se sied”
Saturday 20 March 2021
Sunday 21 March 2021

Exploration II:
Two anonymous fifteenth century compositions from the main source of the choral repertoire of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, a monumental choirbook of more than 240 folios.
Saturday 27 March 2021
Sunday 28 March 2021 

Exploration III:
A monumental six-part motet by Pierre de Manchicourt (Béthune ca.1510 - Madrid 1564): “Sustinuimus pacem” à 6
Saturday 17 April 2021
Sunday 18 April 2021

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Pentecost Festival 2021 !
21 - 22 - 23 May 2021 !
The Huelgas Ensemble in Talant (Burgundy)
Artistic director : Paul Van Nevel 

The Huelgas Ensemble is a cultural ambassador for Flemish heritage

Unfortunately, after the overwhelming success of the first Huelgas festival in Talant in 2019, the second festival of 2020 cannot take place, due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. As a result of this force majeure, the Huelgas Ensemble is left with no choice but to postpone the festival to 2021. The programme of the Pentecost weekend 2021 (21-23 May) will be exactly that of 2020. We therefore invite you in advance to this celebration of polyphony: Talant 2020 est mort, vive Talant 2021!

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A new book by Paul Van Nevel:
Het landschap van de polyfonisten - The world of the Franco-Flemish School (1400-1600)
Photography: Luk Van Eeckhout

Why did the polyphonists all come from the same region of southwest Belgium and northern France? And and what was the influence of this region on their music? A unique analysis of the environment - the ‘cultural landscape’ - of the 15th and 16th century musician. The book includes a CD and no fewer than 168 beautiful photographs.

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Paul Van Nevel wins the fifth Luc Verbekeprijs

The fifth Luc Verbekeprijs 2019, awarded by the Committee for French Flanders (KFV), has been awarded to Paul Van Nevel for his book ‘The landscape of the polyphonists’ published by Lannoo-Tielt. The KFV is a cultural organization founded in 1947 by the writers André Demedts and Luc Verbeke, with the aim of stimulating the Flemish language and culture in French Flanders. The prize was awarded on 29th September in Sint-Jans-Kappel (French Flanders), two steps away from the estate of Marguerite Yourcenar. The commendation described ‘The landscape of the polyphonists’ as a unique and exceptionally fascinating work that sheds light on the emotional and visual world of Franco-Flemish composers from the Renaissance, due in part to the numerous beautiful landscape photographs by Luk Van Eeckhout.