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During this singers' weekend, imagine yourself a 16th-century singer. With your medieval choir book in hand, Paul Van Nevel will teach you the secrets of ancient notation and the music hidden within. You will end the four days of rehearsals in beauty with a tonal moment.

Paul Van Nevel is artistic director of the Huelgas Ensemble and is known as a pioneer and figurehead of European polyphony from the 12th to the 16th century. His source knowledge and musical experience make him your ideal guide through the 'Landscape of the polyphonists' (his book of the same name was published in 2018). The weekend is intended for advanced singers in limited instrumentation who can prepare independently and want to work on specialised repertoire over a full weekend under the guidance of an expert.

You will receive the scores (transcriptions) in advance to help you prepare, and on 20 January we will meet for a preparatory session. During the weekend itself, tutti rehearsals alternate with part rehearsals, voice coaching and vocal aesthetics, text analysis and pronunciation of Old Latin and Old French, and explanations of the historical background of the compositions.

Registration is possible until 7 October. We will provide the scores in advance so that everyone can rehearse their parts. We will meet for the first time on 20 January to get acquainted with the instrumentation, notation and music.

You can find more information about the weekend on the Koor&Stem website:

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