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Echo Klassik

October 2011

Vocal Ensemble of the year

Echo Deutscher Musikpreis - klassik ECHO Klassik is one of the best established and most well known music awards in the world. Every year the German Phono Akademie - the cultural institute of the German music industry association - honours the outstanding and successful performances of national and international artists with this award. The ECHO Klassik was launched in 1994 as an event in its own right in order to do justice to the cultural importance of classical music and to further its popularity. Prizewinner: Vocal Ensemble of the Year 2011 Huelgas Ensemble The Huelgas Ensemble was founded by Paul van Nevel in 1970 and is one of today's best Early Music groups; its special focus is Medieval and Renaissance polyphony. Time and time again, the ensemble surprises audiences with its original recital programmes, in which they present mostly unknown works in an interesting context, the result of meticulous musicological groundwork by their leader van Nevel. The album "PraeBachtorius" combines works by Praetorius and Bach, based on the same Lutheran texts, in such a way that the verses by the two composers are heard one immediately after the other. It's genuinely impressive how well Praetorius's Late Renaissance music blends with Bach's Baroque style to form a harmonious whole. The jury recognises this achievement by awarding the Huelgas Ensemble an "Echo Klassik" prize as Vocal Ensemble of the Year. Award Ceremony: Konzerthaus Berlin, October 2, 2011

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