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The cultural landscape of Leuven

Are you curious to see where Huelgas is based? Watch this short video about the cultural landscape of the city of Leuven. (Huelgas features in the video at 03:28)


Misse Josquin

A trailer to the cycle of twelve Josquin Masses, filmed and documented by the Alamire Foundation. The complete cycle of Masses can be viewed on

© Alamire Foundation


A polyphonic testament : the late works of Josquin Desprez - Prague

Live stream performance of 'A polyphonic testament : the late works of Josquin Desprez' in St. Anne's Church, Prague, on 15 May 2021.© Festival Prague Spring

A polyphonic testament : the late works of Josquin Desprez - introduction

Introduction to 'A polyphonic testament : the late works of Josquin Desprez' for the concert in The Prague Spring International Festival on 15 May 2021.

© Huelgas

50 Years Huelgas Ensemble

50 Years Huelgas Ensemble : concert in Bozar on 16 October 2021

© Bozar


Simone de Bonefont : Missa pro mortuis - interview

Interview with Paul Van Nevel by Camille de Rijck.


Tears of Lisbon - Maastricht

A clip from a rehearsal of 'Tears of Lisbon' in Theater ann het Vrijthof, Maastricht, on 20 September 2020.

© Huelgas


Klara reportage Pinksterfestival

Pentecost Festival - Festival de Pentecôte 2019

© Klara (beeld Mark Janssens, montage Tom Brewaeys)

La musique des cathédrales 1000-1600 - Metz

A short clip from a rehearsal of 'La musique des cathédrales 1000-1600' in Basilique Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains, Metz, on 17.12.2019.

© Huelgas


Het Bourgondische Leven

Documentary Utrecht Early Music Festival 2018

© Organisatie Oude Muziek Utrecht, Nander Cirkel

Klara op wandel in ‘het landschap van de polyfonisten’.

Watch at the Klara web site / Bekijk op de site van Klara


Cipriano de Rore : Calami sonum ferentes

Rehearsing Cipriano de Rore's motet 'Calami sonum ferentes' in Miniemenkerk, Brussels, on 28 March 2015.

© Huelgas



Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht (NL), 30/8/2014



L'oreille de Zurbaran

Het oor van Zurbaran

© Huelgas

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