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Cypriot Advent Antiphons

1990 | Deutsche Harmonia Mundi

Cypriot Advent Antiphons

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This cycle of "O" Antiphons is part of the Christmas Vespers ceremony, centered around the Magnificat. In the present case, they are heavily troped, and end with a liturgical motet in a more triumphant mood.The music itself it thoroughly isorhythmic, and heavily syncopated. The pieces form a true cycle, linked by both a sequence of modality and motivic figures. This is the most elaborate sacred section of the huge Turin manuscript (Torino, Biblioteca Nazionale, MS J. II 9), the one source for the Cypriot repertory.


Nos demoramur - O Sapientia incarnata Pictor eterne syderum - O Adonay domus Israel Cunti fundent precamina - O radix Yesse splendida Quis igitur aperiet - O clavis David aurea Veni splendor mirabilis - Lucis eterne splendor Quis possit dignexprimere - O rex virtutum gloria Magne virtutum conditor - O Emanuel rex noster Tu nati nata suscipe - O sacre virgo virginum Homo mortalis firmiter - Hodie puer nascitur

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