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Le Chant de Virgile

2001 | Harmonia Mundi France

Le Chant de Virgile

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In this selection of settings by masters like Willaert and de Rore, among others, of the verse of Virgil, Horace and Catullus, Paul Van Nevel offers us, with the subtlety of perception and the rigorous but flexible attention to detail we have come to expect from him, another dazzling excursion into the rich and fascinating by ways of early Renaissance vocal music.


Josquin Desprez (ca.1440-1521) : Dulces Exuviae Jehan Mouton (ca.1450-1522) : Dulces Exuviae Mabriano de Orto (ca.1460-1529) : Dulces Exuviae Ludwig Senfl (ca.1486-1543) : Mollis inertia cum tantam diffuderit imis Ludwig Senfl (ca.1486-1543) : Non usitata nec tenui ferar Ludwig Senfl (ca.1486-1543) : Petti, nihil me sicut antea juvat Adriaan Willaert (ca.1490-1526) : O socii neque enim Cipriano de Rore (1516-1565) : O socii neque enim Richard de Renvoisy (ca.1520-1586) : Vulcan fondz dedans ton four Anonyme francais (fin 14e siècle) : Lamech, Judith et Rachel Cipriano de Rore (ca.1516-1565) : Donec gratus eram tibi Dominique Phinot (ca.1510-ca.1555) : Vivons, m'amye at l'amour poursuyvons Jakob Vaet (ca.1529-1567) : Dulces Exuviae Theodorius Gerarde (ca.1530-ca.1580): Dulces Exuviae Orlando di Lasso (1532-1594) : Dulces Exuviae

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