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The Art of the Cigar

2011 | Sony Music | Deutsche Harmonia Mundi

The Art of the Cigar

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Passionate cigar smoker and conductor Paul Van Nevel selected charming compositions that are brief sketches of the luxurious world of the cigar between the 16th and 20th century. They are superbly interpreted with a hint of irony and humour by the Huelgas Ensemble, and evoke the timeless pleasure and relaxing atmosphere that cigar lovers all over the world still treasure to this day...


Close The Bristol tune book (1876) : Tobacco is a dirty weed Juan Blas de Castri (ca.1561-1631) : Como el humo del cigarro Michael East (ca.1580-1648) : O Metaphysical tobacco : Carl Ludwig Friedrich Hetsch (1808-1872) : Louange de la Havane José Peyro (1702-1768) : De Vuelta Abajo o de Oriente Charles Wesley (1793-1859) : My last cigar Pedro Riquet (17th century) : La guajirita de Vuelta Abajo Augustus Edmonds Tozer (1857-1910) : Das Zigarrenlied W. Augustus Barrat (1864-1928) : So I have my cigar! H. Lazerges (1817-1887) : Eloge du tabac Paul Lebrun (1863-1920) : To a segar Solage (floruit ca.1400) from codex Chantilly : Fumeux fume par fumée Daniel Towner (1850-1919) : Open the old cigar-box TobaccTobias hume (ca.1569-1645) : o, tobacco, sing sweetly for tobacco E.C. Walker (1820-1894) : I like cigars beneath the stars Anonymus (Spain ca.1520) : Elogio

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