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The ear of Christopher Columbus

2019 | Sony Music | Deutsche Harmonia Mundi

The ear of Christopher Columbus

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This recording shows the three musical styles that coloured the aural  environment of Christopher Columbus: the lively Italian strophic profane music from the homeland of his childhood; the Spanish love songs, with their unique melancholy, from the court of the Catholic Kings; and the Franco-Flemish virtuosic polyphony that Columbus surely heard during his last years at the Spanish court in Valladolid. The result is a wonderful discovery of the most famous Discoverer, illuminated by the beautiful voices of the Huelgas Ensemble.


Anonymous (Italy ca.1480) : Visin, visin, visin (à 4)

Anonymous (Italy ca.1480) : Da pacem Domine (à 4)

Bartolomeo Tromboncino (ca.1465-after 1534) : Se ben or non scopri (à 4)

Anonymous (Spain, ca.1490) : Rio de Sevilla (à 3)

Juan de Triana (ca.1450-after 1490) : De mi perdida esperança (à 3)

Anonymous (Spain, ca.1470) : Tres morillas m'enamoran (à 3)

Juan Ponce (ca.1475-after 1520) : Alla se me ponga el sol (à 4)

Francisco Millan (fl. ca.1480) : Los baços trayo cansados (à 2 & 3)

Alonso (end 15th Century) : La tricotea (à 3)

Alexander Agricola (1446-1506) : Missa "Malheur me bat" (à 4)

Juan del Encina (1468-1529) : Amor con fortuna (à 4)

Mabrianus de Orto (ca.1460-1529) : Missa "J'ay pris amours" (à 4) - Sanctus

Mabrianus de Orto (ca.1460-1529) : Missa "J'ay pris amours" (à 4) - Agnus Dei

Franciso de la Torre (ca.1460-after 1504) : Dime, triste coraçon (à 2,3 & 4)

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