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The music prints of Christophe Plantin

2018 | Sony Music | Deutsche Harmonia Mundi

The music prints of Christophe Plantin

CD info

Christophe Plantin (1520 – 1589), a prolific and highly influential member of his craft, is considered one of the most important printers and publishers of the 16th century. His extensive oeuvre includes religious, humanistic and scientific editions, as well as musical editions. For this recording Paul Van Nevel and his Huelgas Ensemble perform several of the most interesting works, offering an interpretation of this beautiful and varied music that sheds new light on the compelling heritage of Christophe Plantin.


Andreas Pevernage (1542-1591) : Epitaphe de Christophe Plantin - Pleurez Muses (à 5)

Jacobus De Kerle (1531-1591) : Missa Da Pacem Domine - Agnus Dei (à 6 & 9)

Andreas Pevernage (1542-1591) : Trois fois heureux et gracieux (chanson à 5)

Philippus De Monte (1521-1603) : Missa Si ambulavero - Sanctus & Agnus Dei (à 6)

Andreas Pevernage (1542-1591) : Fay que je vive (Chanson, tenor and virginal)

Giovanni Pierluigi Da Palestrina (1525-1594) : Conditor alme siderum (Hymn à 4, 5 & 6)

Andreas Pevernage (1542-1591) : Sur tous regretz (Chanson à 5)

George de la Hèle (1547-1586) : Missa Preater rerum seriem - Gloria (à 7)

Andreas Pevernage (1542-1591) : Je suis tellement amoureaux (chanson, superius and virginal)

Andreas Pevernage (1542-1591) : La nuict le jour (Chanson à 6, with virginal)

Georges de la Hèle (1547-1586) : Missa Praeter rerum seriem - Agnus Dei (à 7 & 8)

Claude Le Jeune (1530-1600) : Quell' eau, quel air, quel feu (Chanson à 4)

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